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The value of SPUD, SPURT Digital Currency, in your account cannot exceed 2,000,000 SPUD (remember, higher values are in the Private Facility MegaSPURT). You can freely transfer any amount in SPUD with a value lower than 2,000,000 SPUD to other accounts to do business, spending or use for private use. In case the amount in the account exceeds 2 Million, the balance will be transferred to the Private Facility MegaSPURT on a regular basis. In case the 2 Million are spent, you can request authorization, by Admin, to assist you in transferring from the Private Facility to your SPURT account.
FOUR digits behind the dot make it possible to transfer hundred thousand (0,0001=1 Hundred thousand) to other MegaSPURT account holders for business purposes. Amounts till 5 Million MegaSPURT (MSP) can be transferred within the MegaSPURT system, without showing contracts, authorization required.

If you want to transfer SPUD for a contract with a term, it would be wise to let your funds be blocked for the benefit of that client on your own account. You could request a Blocked Fund Letter for the person. 
There is a fee required for a blocked fund account. Blocked accounts can only be set up with the assistance of MySPURT Admin.

It would be better to do buy sell transactions with SPURT in Ethereum.