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New Chances is working with partners to reach our common goal:

Making this world a better place using SPURT

Sound Prosperity

Sound Prosperity is an organisation where Members are doing business with each other.
Sound Prosperity has ONE goal: To help people achieve an easier and better life.
What can Sound Prosperity do for you? 

SPURT Digital Currency

SPURT DIGITAL CURRENCY is the efficient alternative currency, with ethics and with real support ofvalues as well as products and services we bring to communities, pay for their service to thecommunity, by which the community can become stronger.


Project financing and corporate financing can be done on a combination of client capital and FT Asset Management capital or any other combination.

Sustainable Communities

We are working on the plans to develop sites in Lousiana and Oregon to pioneer a model that will be replicated across the US and the world, using a unique economic model where workers in the community receive profit-sharing from all of the combined revenue generated by the community ventures.

NVC Fund

NVC Fund Holding Trust is a private equity investor in Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Investment Trading, and business services. We are a diversified investment holding trust.


Humanitarian institution dedicated to providing multiple services in favor of the community and whose main task is to maintain an active life cycle with countries or regions interested in their socio-economic, cultural, educational, health development and in general the areas of human interest with institutions private and government that are committed to a better future and are aware of the need to achieve their real and substantial objectives in a dignified manner.. 

Regal Holdings

RHIL Crypto Currency Exchange Provides A Secure Global Centralized Integrated Trading Platform Utilizing Blockchain Technology.


One of the objectives of AUMSINP is to contribute to the mitigation of Climate Change and Global Warming. From this important point, we have outlined the path of objectivity and put into practice within our areas that we have, which will be a unique example, even when there is no support from local, regional and national governments. 
We will fight with all our faith and will, in order to achieve the objective of REFORESTING all the areas around us.