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New Chances brings businesses together

Each relation is compounding the power business can bring to make a better world

New Chances offers administrative services to partners.
In working with SPURT Digital Currency, they can provide instruments to use these funds. 
New Chances, in e.g. working together with Sound Prosperity, is a service provider for administrative services with the goal to teach members to do business with each other in an honest way. All members have one thing in common: to make the world a better place.   
Through the knowledge of New Chances-SP concerning what different business partners are providing, they can connect members and provide maximum support for a better life, by which Sound Prosperity members can increase their social status.  
Members are very actively supported to do their part in making the world a better place.  
New Chances-SP receives, from members, a fee, which is forwarded to the different business groups according to signed contracts. The remaining capital is used to support humanitarian projects.
The result of the business between Sound Prosperity members is separated from what New Chances is offering and is within the responsibility of members, although the rules state, that business always needs to be in harmony with nature and cannot harm humanity.
Payment of fees and profits from business offered to New Chances are, after deduction of costs, used for humanitarian projects, referred by members.