What to expect from New Chances?

You can expect from New Chances:

  1. Support and help with administrative tasks connected to your goal to have a better life.
  2. Support with registration of your SPURT account with the balance of all you expected to have in your relationship with any other client.
  3. You will not receive interest, but you can earn your "interest" through working with SPURT and receiving SPURT for your work.
  4. You can transfer for free to other accounts.
  5. Sound Prosperity will work with you on getting funds out of your accounts.
  6. Sound Prosperity will, teach you how you can use your SPURT as a BASIS for getting things done, even if you might never use all your SPURT.
  7. MySPURT opened the SPURT-Marketplace where you can (partly) pay with SPURT.
  8. We do ALL we can to get this accomplished but...

You can NOT expect that:

  1. New Chances will do the work for you.
  2. Now that you have SPURT, the miracle is happening that your funds are accessible in your currency.
  3. Exchanging SPURT into other currencies can be done without paying fees. Neither we, nor SPURT, will request a fee, but the entities with whom we work request fees.


  1. Togethere with Sound Prosperity we set up the "I offer a job"  program and open SPURT accounts.
  2. You might help us set up the SPURT Marketplace, and bring new suppliers and clients, working with SPURT, at least partly being paid with SPURT.
  3. You have to take part in these projects if you want to get any funds

Other options:

You can always work with Sound Prosperity for other options.
Please study also .