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Response to closing of IBOM

Full compensation of BVK

This offer is closed now.

If you have a ACCEPTABLE reason why you were not able to request a compensation before and you are willing to do ALL steps within a few days, we MIGHT consider to still help you.

A quick undertaking of all steps as subscribed above is valid till JULY first, 2017. After that NO BVK will be compensated by SPURT. In case exchange is possible BEFORE July 1th, 2017 the compensation allowance will stop IMMEDIATELY.

You can take advantage of the offer of the Sound Prosperity to get a full compensation of your BVK in the form of SPURT. Please see Unfulfilled expectations.


SPURT is backed by Assets. There is a SPURT Marketplace where you can pay with SPURT. SPURT can be used in working with the other clients. Please read for more information.

SPURT’s goal is to support, inform and help

The main goal for IBOM Support and Admin has always been to support IBOM clients, give prompt answers and help them in their understanding. SPURT works with the same people and  principles. We hope that your trust in us will be a good basis to work together to get to our main goal: Access to the currency of choice.
We hope that all clients who want to decide to work with us do understand the importance of working together. We cannot do this on our own. SPURT is YOUR way to a better life.