New Chances offers the opportunity to open an account in Digital Money.

The name of this Digital money is SPURT.

One SPURT is equivalent of one U.S. Dollar (371,25 grains of fine silver) and is listed as Commodity.

SPURT can be used within our banking system to pay other account holders.

Who is New Chances?

New Chances is an independent administrative organisation and a member of Sound Prosperity. Any business done through New Chances is always protected by the protocol "Unfulfilled expectations." If for some reason you are not satisfied with the deal done through New Chances or by any of its SPURT account holders and you are a member of Sound Prosperity you will be compensated as outlined in the protocol. This compensation will be shown in SPURT.

SPURT clients do not need to be a member of Sound Prosperity.

Ex-IBOM clients can contact New Chances for a compensation.


What are the seven New Chances we offer?

  1. You will have your own numbered online account.
  2. You will be able to transfer freely from your account to other accounts.
  3. There will be no limitations imposed, other than that your intentions remain honourable.
  4. You can do business with each other within SPURT. See
  5. You can EARN and pay in the SPURT Marketplace with SPURT.
  6. SPURT is not offering interest. You can receive SPURT when you are ACTIVE within the organisation by referring other clients or by bringing products and services to the SPURT Marketplace.
  7. One SPURT is One USD or One EURO depending on where you live.

New SPURT Clients:

  1. New SPURT Clients register here please. (right hand corner.)
  2. The initial required deposit to start trading with SPURT is EURO 50.--, payable through PayPal.
  3. See opportunties you can use through Business.
  4. Your SPURT account is reflected in the banking system of

To start trading with SPURT your initial required minimum deposit is EURO 50.--,

which will show in your account as 50 SPURT.